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Ultrasclash V is your childhood dream about becoming a superhero, like in your favourite TV shows: espouse the fantasy of being the protagonist in your own tale, living it for the first time with your own eyes, thanks to Virtual Reality!

We’d like to be clear: this isn’t a finished product, it’s the chance to support and crowdfound the project to make it even better, through your help!

To display our commitment and dedication to this project, Ultrasclash V will receive updates, features and fixes at least every TWO WEEKS, on Tuesdays; some of those updates will still remain exclusive to the supporter V-ersion and will not become available to owners of Ultras Fighter.  


Ultrasclash V is the crowdfunding edition of  Ultras Fighter, a sandbox anime fighting game with much more content included, designed and primed to bring you a unique and creative approach to being a hero, just like in your favourite anime!

It takes everything you’ve loved from Ultras Fighter and adds in incredible new features and possibilities in beta testing, giving you the chance to help us with your feedback to make it even BETTER! On that note, we'd like to remind you that our games are work in progress, prototypes to be continually improved and bettered.

If you’ve ever wondered what a sandbox anime fighting game would look like under steroids, look no further: download UC-V and delve into an even more action-packed, even crazier insisting universe!

Ultrasclash’s interactive universe is a mix between silly “Rick and Morty” humor and the fast-paced action of the most beloved anime. Our main goal as a team is to enhance our community, in which the user will contribute to the development, kickstarting a productive user-creator exchange.

If you want to learn more about the universe we’ve crafted, make sure to check our wiki out: https://ultrasclash.fandom.com/wiki/Ultrasclash 


  • the core characteristics from Ultras Fighter, enhanced and fine-tuned;
  • better graphics;
  • less glitches;
  • additional kinds of enemies: Minions and giant Dinosaurs.


  • new weapons, gadgets and special moves: we want to empower you to find new ways to defeat your enemies in stylish ways;
  • new enemies: unleash your powers to defeat crazier and more dangerous adversaries as you progress;
  • new arenas: fight in unique locations inspired by our universe’s lore;
  • combo counter and leaderboard: compete with UC-V players all around the world to crown the King of Insistence;
  • boss fights: our mischievous villains can’t wait to measure themselves against you;
  • a central game hub/main base for the player: you’ll interact with NPCs and find new secrets about Ultrasclash’s universe in this bus turned secret base;
  • more characters to play as: find out which UC hero suits your style best and fits your favourite anime character best;
  • a huge open game map: roam the wastelands, loot and survive in hostile environments;
  • a story-driven campaign: delve into UC’s lore and universe in this story-based campaign, in which you’ll meet terrible enemies, great allies and deep secrets;
  • multiplayer co-op mode: join forces with your friends to raise your level of fun through the roof!


Paying for this version doesn’t simply buy you simple improvements and some extra levels; it gets you involved with a creative team which can grow thanks to your support and your direct involvement in the project.

Through your support, you’ll get access to our Discord server (that’s where the magic happens!) and you’ll have dibs on any update, new feature or change; you’ll enter the control room where decisions are made, you’ll hang out and chat with us while we plot the downfall of traditionally designed video games.

Additionally, when Story Mode will be implemented, you’ll get free access to it, upgrading your sandbox-only version; our narrative universe is rich and vast, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Once you’ve bought it, contact us on Discord to gain access to our exclusive Founders Lounge.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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